Riccordino's Hot Sandwiches was born from a desire to support local meat purveyors and to make use of one of the oldest free-standing buildings in Marshall, VA.  Steaks, roasts, chops and the like are featured in our sister Restaurant - Field & Main (located next door) enabling us to prepare sausage, meatballs and shaved beef for our sandwiches from the rest of the animal.  We have also sourced the original Vienna Beef hot dog and given the traditional Chicago toppings our own spin by dicing each to ensure every bite contains a bit of each condiment.  

Riccordino is the maiden name of proprietor Neal Wavra's mother.  Raised in the Chicagoland area, this sandwich shop honors his upbringing while satisfying a longing for these sandwiches, which are now available in Marshall, VA!